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Cinematographer / DP

"American Idol: Disney Night" - tv series



"The Sea Of Trees" - feature film


Camera / MoVI Operator

"Into The Badlands" - tv series


Camera / MoVI Operator

Ariana Grande, "Everyday" - music video


Cinematographer / DP

"So You Think You Can Dance" - tv series


Camera / MoVI Operator

"The Bachelors" - feature film

Cinematic visual storytelling, innovative technology, compelling results.

Seattle | Portland | Los Angeles | LA | Worldwide


I am an artist who is passionate about storytelling. I am a professional Director Of Photography (DP) and Camera Operator, specializing in MoVI handheld stabilization gimbal technology and other innovative camera moving tools. I have worked on feature films with Oscar winning actors, major network television series, a-list musician music videos, and national commercials for Fortune 500 brands. I am a member of the International Cinematographers Guild IATSE Local 600 Union.


I am one of the first MoVI Operators in the world. I worked with the early prototype versions at Freefly Systems when the technology was first introduced and now use the most current systems on the market. Whether you’re new to the world of handheld stabilized gimbal systems and looking to hire an operator for the first time, or a seasoned veteran DP looking to utilize advanced tricks of the trade, I can provide you with all the services and information you are looking for.


I co-created the company Motion State with Corey Koniniec and Ryan Haug, two leaders in the MoVI operating world. Our company specializes in a variety of camera movement technology including the Freefly Systems MoVI, Dactylcam cable cam systems, aerial drones, ground drones, vehicle mount systems, and telescoping cranes (Techno-crane). All our equipment is compact and efficient, making it easy for us to travel all over the world offering innovative camera movement for productions of all sizes.