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“Ordinary People: Hawaii”

A collection of 4 short films created by Cinematographer / MoVI Operator Sam Nuttmann, 1st AC Samuel Butt and Photographer Sarah Vande Vrede shot on the Big Island of Hawaii. These four films tell the stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things in their day to day lives – from hiking and swimming in nature to spinning fire on the side of an active volcano. All the footage from these films can be licensed as individual clips from our licensing partner Nimia.com.

Nimia.com Stock Footage


I am a Los Angeles and Seattle based ICG Local 600 camera operator and cinematographer who specializes in the Freefly Systems MoVI. I have been shooting narrative films, documentary films, commercials and music videos since 2008 all over the world. Freefly Systems, the company that created the MoVI, hired me as a filmmaker / product ambassador immediately following NAB 2013 when the MoVI was first introduced. This gave me the opportunity to be one of the very first MoVI operators. This also gave me access to some pretty amazing shooting opportunities with top cinematographers and filmmakers all over the world. I resigned from Freefly Systems in September 2014 in order to pursue my passion of shooting films full time.


• I have been operating the MoVI longer than anyone else in the business. I have the experience and know-how to get the shots you want the right way the first time.
• I am also a traditional camera operator, with professional on-set experience operating handheld, studio mode / tripod, sliders, and jibs. I can seamlessly take on the role of an “a” or “b” camera operator while still executing stabilized MoVI shots when needed.
• I am an IATSE ICG Local 600 Union operator with many union feature films and tv shows under my belt. Several union camera operators own a MoVI and dabble in operating it, but none have the hours and hands-on experience with it that I do.
• I have strong relationships with all the manufacturers that make the MoVI and the accessories needed to operate it on a professional set, including: Freefly Systems, Teradek, SmallHD, Cmotion, Bright Tangerine, Klassen FX, and Ready Rig. This means that when a new technology comes out that can improve the MoVI ecosystem, I’m the first to have it. On the rare occasion there is an issue with a piece of gear on set, I personally know the person that can fix or replace it immediately.
• I know all the other professional MoVI Operators in the business. My partners at Motion State – Corey Koniniec and Ryan Haug – are some of the best MoVI Operators in the world. There are a few others we also believe are top notch and we work with them closely to keep pricing fair and consistent and ensure we are all up-to-date on the latest technologies and operating techniques. When there’s a job I am not available for, these are the guys I recommend and trust to get the job done right. In other words, if you call me for your job, you will get the best operator available, hands down, even if I’m not available to do it myself.
• I travel light and small, know how to deal with customs, know how to thrive in foreign lands. No matter where you are in the world, I will work with your production team to make my travel and accommodations as low impact as possible.
COUNTRIES I HAVE WORKED IN: Australia, Cambodia, China, England, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Nicaragua, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, UAE, and the U.S.A.
• I am a positive, motivated individual who has a passion for visual storytelling. Beyond this dry list of sales points, you will find a guy who cares deeply about the projects he works on and the people he works with. Besides having the necessary skill set, this is what I believe is essential to making a project truly great!


(310) 809-2938 | sam@motionstate.com

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