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CAMERA OPERATOR: You need a camera operator that can understand the Director Of Photography’s (DP) vision for the project instinctively. Within a short amount of time, an experienced camera operator will be able to intuitively know what the DP is looking for when it comes to lens size and camera movement and quickly execute shots as a collaborative team. I have worked with some of the top DP’s in the world and have learned through them best practices in operating handheld, slider, dolly, jib, crane, and tripod mounted shots.

MOVI OPERATOR: I am one of the first MoVI Operators in the world. I worked with the early prototype versions at Freefly Systems when the technology was first introduced and now use the most current systems on the market. Whether you’re new to the world of handheld stabilized gimbal systems and looking to hire an operator for the first time, or a seasoned veteran DP looking to utilize advanced tricks of the trade, I can provide you with all the stabilized gimbal / MōVI services and information you are looking for.

Cinematographer / DP

Seattle | Los Angeles | Worldwide

Cinematography is the art of using shadows and light and moving the camera to tell the visual story in the most compelling way possible. A great cinematographer chooses the right combination of lights and camera moving tools through collaboration with the director, their own personal experience, and through the constant study of great films and master cinematographers. I strive to be great at what I do and follow this methodology through every project I am a part of.

As your Cinematographer / Director Of Photography (DP), I will manage the look and feel of your production through use of set lighting, camera placement and movement, and camera equipment selection. As DP, I may serve as  camera / MoVI operator as well, depending on the needs of your production. I can also assist in the post process of color grading your footage to ensure our vision of the look and feel of the project is seen through to the finished piece.