A documentary by Sam Nuttmann and Mark Davis


This movie deals with the subject of domestic violence on a very humanistic and personal level. Many documentaries have been made in the past that deal with violent crimes and domestic violence. Too often, these movies do nothing more than deliver alarming statistics and tell terrifying stories. While statistics are important and sadly, most stories about domestic violence are terrifying, there is much more to the story of domestic violence that is not dealt with in most typical documentaries on the subject.

This movie will attempt to uncover the whole story of domestic violence, not just from the survivors’ (victims’) perspectives, but from the perspectives of survivors’ families and friends, law makers, law enforcers, domestic violence counselors, women’s shelter volunteers; essentially all people that are touched by domestic violence in one way or another. By collecting information and stories from all these different people, the true story of domestic violence, the complete story will emerge.


Sam Nuttmann, one of the two producers of this film, was affected by domestic violence in a very profound way. In 2002, his sister Lisa was shot and killed by her husband who then took his own life, all in front of the eyes of their then two year old daughter. His family has spent the last seven years picking up the pieces left behind by this tragedy.

As an artist and filmmaker, Sam was extremely enthusiastic about taking on this project, as the subject matter means so much to him and his family. His story plays an integral part in the documentary, as he attempts to uncover the full reality and truths of domestic violence on-camera through personal interviews with all the different types of people in society that the issue touches. While the journey will prove to be a difficult one, it is his sincerest hope that it will help those who have not been affected by domestic violence better understand what this issue is really all about and it will help those who have been affected by domestic violence by having their stories heard and their pain understood.


The entire production team at Session 7 Media that are involved in this project all share the same vision – this is not a movie that will sensationalize violence or exploit personal experiences for the sake of entertainment or “good” story-telling. We are dedicated to telling the story of domestic violence in a truthful and accurate way. While the telling of tragic and violent stories will be unavoidable, there are so many positive stories as well. Organizations such as DAWN and others like it have provided many domestic violence victims with happy endings to their tragic stories and have helped turn these victims into survivors.

There is always hope, no matter how difficult the situation, no matter how hopeless it may seem. If this movie can provide just one person with the feeling of hope, with the idea that they can indeed become a survivor of domestic violence and not just a victim, it will be a great success.



DIRECTORS / PRODUCERS: Sam Nuttmann and Mark Davis
CAMERA OPERATORS: Sam Nuttmann, Mark Davis, Craig Smiley, Ryan Wardwell, Ketak Soneji
MUSIC: Sam Nuttmann, Ryan Wardwell, Rosh Rocheleau