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Adventure is what I do best. Doing it with a camera in my hand is what I love the most. Shooting on a studio lot or in a film-friendly city is always a good time, but you’ll catch me smiling the most when I’m deep in the African bush filming a project about anti-animal poaching or capturing a time lapse of the aurora borealis in the arctic region of Norway. Whether you’re telling a story about robot automation in Munich, Germany or fair trade rice farmers in Indonesia, I am thrilled to share my passion and experience for travel filmmaking with you and your production team.


I am part of a filmmaking team called Motion State that is headquartered in Seattle, WA. Drive any direction for an hour and you will find yourself in the great outdoors, making this the perfect place to put our wild camera ideas to the test before going on a shoot in some far off place with far less support. We fly drones in the snow, test underwater camera housings in rivers, build custom rain protection for kit – it’s the perfect environment for the adventurous filmmaker to see what works and what doesn’t.


Thanks to massive improvements in cinema technology in the past several years, camera equipment keeps getting smaller while the quality gets better. My entire cinema package including professional camera, lenses, MoVI Pro stabilizer, wireless video, monitors, aerial drone, time lapse kit, and everything else I need for most travel productions – typical fits into 2 or 3 checked bags plus carry-on. This means low baggage fees, basic ground transportation, and bare minimum camera support wherever you want to go – without compromising top notch cinematic quality. My kit is the same as what you’d often find on a feature film in LA – just packed a little better.


Most travel & adventure shoots contain two primary film elements, similar to documentary filmmaking: interviews and b-roll. Ideally, interviews are shot with 3 cameras: 1 camera for the  “master shot” and 2 cameras for “singles”. Depending on how small we need to keep our production footprint, the 2 “singles” cameras may be small DSLR style cameras such as the Sony A7Riii, while keeping our primary higher end camera for the “master shot”. For b-roll, adding aerial / drone shots and time lapse video greatly increases the production value of the project and does not add much cost. Every project has its own unique needs, but these standard package elements are a good place for our conversation to start from. 


Travel Adventure Filmmaker / DP - Sam Nuttmann - Interviews - Master Shot - Singapore


Travel Adventure Filmmaker / DP - Sam Nuttmann - b-roll - South Africa


Travel Adventure Filmmaker / DP - Sam Nuttmann - Aerial Drone Pilot


Travel Adventure Filmmaker / DP - Sam Nuttmann - time lapse - Berlin


Travel shoots often mean going to far off, unique places and that means more than ever, you cannot afford to have problems with your camera gear or issues with the footage. You need a team that is reliable and has a proven track record for these types of unique shoots. I have traveled to countries all over the globe, shooting every imaginable setup in every climate you can think of. I have shot hundreds of interviews and worked with dozens of international film production teams. I have the shooting and problem solving experience you need to make your travel shoot a success. So enough of the online pitch, contact me today and let’s talk about how we can make your travel shoot something truly special!


Cinematographer / DP: Sam Nuttmann - Seattle, WA - documentary - Amazon Web Services - Now Go Build

Amazon Web Services – “Now Go Build”

May 17, 2016

Cinematographer / DP - Sam Nuttmann - Cambodia - television, tv - BBC - Wonders Of The Monsoon - poster

Wonders Of The Monsoon

May 16, 2016

Cinematographer / DP Sam Nuttmann - Hawaii - music video - Moxie Raia - poster

Moxie Raia – “On My Mind”

May 16, 2016

Cinematographer / DP: Sam Nuttmann - Seattle, WA - documentary - Microsoft - Decoded

Microsoft Decoded – Season 3

May 16, 2016

Travel Adventure Filmmaker / Cinematographer / DP: Sam Nuttmann - Hawaii - Short Film

Ordinary People: Hawaii

May 16, 2016

MoVI Operator Sam Nuttmann - Hawaii - commercial - Hawaii Tourism Authority - poster

Hawaii Tourism Authority – “Explore Hawaii”

May 15, 2016

Travel Adventure Filmmaker / Cinematographer / DP: Sam Nuttmann - Ethiopia - Addis Ababa - Korah

The Village Of Korah

May 14, 2015

Travel Adventure Filmmaker / Cinematographer / DP: Sam Nuttmann - Kenya - Nairobi

Nairo[be] Something

May 12, 2015